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Here at Escort Alligator, our main goal is to always guarantee a high-quality user experience by investing permanently in content details. We aim to maintain the prestigious reputation achieved and keep being one of the biggest and luxuriant directories for independent and agency escort ads, with global coverage.

How to assist the sex workers rights movement

There are wonderful grass roots, peer-led sex worker organizations across the world doing important work, not only to keep sex workers safe, but also providing those who have been in exploitative situations with the resources to help them leave or re-enter the sex industry if they wish. A full list of local organizations and a little about who they are can be found in our sex worker resources section.

Donate and volunteer

Many organizations are looking for volunteers to help with outreach and event coordination. If there isn’t a local peer-led group in your area, you can always donate to nation wide projects such as SWOP USA, Scarlet Alliance, Aotearoa New Zealand Sex Workers’ Collective, European Sex Workers’ Rights Alliance or other harm reduction organizations.

Help reduce stigma in the industry

Another form of violence all sex workers experience is stigma. Harmful narratives around sex work are still being perpetuated by the media. Their aim is to be sensationalistic and evoke disgust and shame. Sex workers face the real world consequences of discrimination. One of the easiest ways to assist is to educate yourself and address any prejudices or assumptions you may have.

Best in-built features

We know how daunting it can be to see a sex worker for the first time, so we’ve put together a super handy and informative client guide to help ensure everything runs smoothly. Here are a few tips of what to expect!


Many workers will require their clients to submit themselves to some level of screening. This process will vary from sex work to sex worker and will often involve some form of identification.


Many workers prefer cash payments. But some may have other preferences for how they receive payments and deposits, such as via crypto-currency.


Just as many other freelancers, sex workers do not work 24/7 and may not be available exactly when you want them. Please be courteous towards their listed availabilities.

"I specialize in compliance and have worked alongside many prominent names in the fintech sector. We are currently developing strategic partnerships that aim to provide immense value for our clients. My team and their exceptional understanding of how the sex industry operates will further enable the success of our company. I have a noteworthy track record of producing explosive growth while maintaining the highest level of transparency. Furthermore, our ultimate goal is to establish profound real world value while changing lives in parallel. Most importantly we recognize the significance of acting within legal boundaries while maintaining corporate operations in a timely fashion. On behalf of Escort Alligator, thank you for reading this and we look forward to the beta of this preeminent technology."
Mr. Alexander Elder
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